Mike & Michal

See you in Scottsdale: February 12-15, 2016

Mike & Michal's Wedding: Event Details: Kabbalat Panim

Event Details: Kabbalat Panim

The timeline for Sunday, February 14 includes a traditional pre-wedding reception (Kabbalat Panim) at 4:00pm, which is optional, followed by the Chuppah, which is the actual wedding ceremony.

The pre-wedding reception will consist of the
Tisch ("groom's table" in Yiddish) and Bedeken ("veiling"). The Tisch is an opportunity for Mike to spend time with close friends and family (just the men) and for them to make toasts. It is also the time when Mike, the Rabbi and two witnesses will sign the Ketubah (wedding contract).

The ladies will have their own pre-wedding reception at the same time as the
Tisch. This will give Michal a chance to celebrate with close family and friends (just the ladies) before the wedding ceremony. Immediately prior to the Chuppah wedding ceremony at 5:00pm, the Bedeken will take place, and Mike will be escorted to where Michal will be waiting. Mike will place the veil over her face, setting her apart from everyone else and symbolizing that he is only interested in her inner beauty.

Mike & Michal invite you to join them for these events, prior to the
Chuppah (which will start promptly at 5pm).

Additional Information
It is customary (and even considered a mitzvah -- good deed) for guests to participate in the traditional dancing during the reception, which includes the Hora. This is one of the most lively and fun portions of the wedding (and very easy to follow along), so please remember to bring your dancing shoes! Also a reminder that the Chuppah wedding ceremony is located on the Lagoon Lawn so ladies should plan footwear accordingly.