Mike & Michal

See you in Scottsdale: February 12-15, 2016

Mike & Michal's Wedding: Our Story

Our Story

On February 18, 2013, MichaliMOT sent an OKCupid message to a nice, Canadian, Jewish boy, mikethecanadian. Yes, she found him ;)
They messaged about tea, TED talks and Canadianisms over the coming week or two, and quickly realized they were keen to meet in person. But Mike's parents were visiting from Canada, and he certainly wasn't going to leave them at home while he went on a first date, so he explained to Michal that they'd need to wait until mid-March to meet. Unbeknownst to him -- and while he wondered if she would just move on -- these words were like music to Michal's ears as it meant they shared a very deeply-held belief: family comes first.

Mike had always dreamed of finding a girl with a combination of “old-world” values and “new-world” personality: someone who embraced Jewish tradition and respected their heritage, and who could also “cut a rug” on the dance floor to Justin Timberlake; someone who carefully valued the opinions of family and friends, and also had a strong personality of their own. Turns out he had also dreamed of finding an introvert (for some odd reason), but things don't always work out as you plan ;)

Michal always dreamed of finding Mike.

On March 16, 2013, Michal and Mike met for their first date at the Ferry Building, a place they both already shared a love for in San Francisco. With Blue Bottle coffee and Frog Hollow pastry in hand, the two went to sit on Mike’s favorite bench, where they proceeded to talk for three and a half hours. Mike’s bench spot is just far away enough from the bustling crowds at the Saturday Ferry Building Farmers Market so that one can have a reflective moment, but still close enough to feel the carpe-diem nature of the San Francisco spirit;
he wanted to share that epic place with Michal. Michal remembers Mike's fine leather jacket as he waited to meet her under the clock tower, his bright-colored shoes that made her wonder if he was too hipster for her (ha!), and Mike's adorable comment of "Share-zies" (suggesting they split the two pastries). Mike remembers Michal's sweet smile as he schmoozed his barista buddy, her shared excitement when he spotted his favorite duck and two seals from the bench, and her insistence on paying for the pastries (and the fact that they bought two!).

They later learned their first date was on the same date Mike's parents had met over 45 years ago in South Africa!

After a trip to Seattle, some crumpets and a ferris wheel ride, Mike asked Michal to be his girlfriend on the very same bench, on a Saturday afternoon overlooking the San Francisco Bay and Ferry Building. Over the next two years they traveled the world, cooked up a storm and most importantly, fell deeply in love. And on a Saturday in August, 2015, at the very same bench where they had met, Mike got down on one knee and proposed to his lady, with the most thoughtful and stunning engagement ring he had personally designed to represent their love, traditions, and family.

Needless to say, she said yes ;)